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ares_arcanum's Journal

Ares Arcanum
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Different worlds, different places, different faces... They all come together to a whole new world far greater than those known, and in a planet widely known to most futuristic explorers. The past, the present, and the future all in one place. Welcome to Ares Arcanum.

Ares Arcanum is located in a remote location in Arcadia Planitia, just 50 miles west of the western flank of Olympus Mons (the biggest volcano in the Solar System) in Mars. There are 5 Districts in this lovely remote area. Characters are, unfortunately, nabbed from their universe by a Time-Compression Sorceress named Ultimecia and she has taken them here for her own amusement, entertainment, malicious intents, and so on and so forth. During this time, she has also found henchmen to do her dirty work for her.

Some information about the planet Mars: (information from the link below)
Average Distrance from the Sun - 142 million miles
Size - 4220 miles in diameter
Axial Tilt - 25° (which results in seasonal changes)
Martian Year - 687.01 earth days
Martian Day - 24 hrs 37 minutes
Gravity - Earth=1, Mars=0.375

For any further information about Ares Arcanum, please visit our wiki at Ares Wiki.

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- arcanum_ads; The place to leave advertisements. (Including personals, and not excluded to pawning off character's possessions; does not require joining, just keep it added.)
- arcanum_exterus; The community for posting memorably quotes or conversations. (Most certainly not required.)
- ares_arcanum; This community; duh. :D
- l33tus_arcanum; Put all of your IM conversations here.
- outer_arcanum; All Out of Character announcements and introductions and other things of such a nature go here.

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- regal_rapier, Update Mod